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Your Personal Kryptonite

Andi Grayson
A stolen glance at the bar, the feel of fingertips grazing my lower back, whispered intimacies exchanged between you and I, the taste of champagne bubbles effervescing on your tongue….all of these are sensations I find myself anticipating before a first encounter. I live for excitement and the thrill of the new, yet treasure the familiarity that builds between two people with a shared connection. Perhaps you too long for someone with whom you can be yourself around, someone who makes you feel at ease while prompting a sense of excitement. Perhaps that person is me… Originally from somewhere along the East Cost, New York City has been my home base for the past several years. Having worked as a mental health counselor prior to my life as Andi, I am easy to talk to and relaxing to be around, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be it of the kind learned in universities or gained through lived experience.  My classroom is the excitement of the city: Broadway or a night at Lincoln Center; Michelin-starred sanctuaries or Lower East Side cocktail haunts. My small-town roots keep me grounded and motivate me to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, pampering my all-natural body. I prefer spending time with gentlemen looking for a genuine connection, both physical and emotional. To quote William James, “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep…”

About Me

 Raised in sleepy East Coast suburbs & coastal New England towns, I always dreamed of moving to New York City. Its promise of endless possibilities, where you could be anyone you wanted, with teeming streets full of people from every walk of life, warehouse parties pulsing with the energy of a thousand clubbers, all-night delis & a million ways to reinvent yourself. That was what I craved. And eventually, after a brief stint in New Orleans, I moved to New York for grad school. I spent time working as a clinical interviewer for people with mental illness before entering the world of companionship. I quickly discovered I enjoyed meeting new people & listening to their stories without the stress & expectations of a traditional date. Witty banter, shared secrets, & the giving & receiving of pleasure never cease to titillate me. And if you can make me laugh, you’ll earn bonus points in my book.
 I dislike pretentiousness and value sincerity, both in myself and others.  A voracious reader, I love to read both fiction & non-fiction; once I begin a book I need to finish it. Travel is another one of my interests; I’ve traveled to Southeast Asia & Brazil in the past year, and I’m constantly planning for more trips. Being exposed to the beauty & unfamiliarity of another country keeps me constantly in awe of how vast our world is.

For a glimpse into my day to day musings check out my Twitter, and to see what I’m currently reading, plus reviews of books I’ve already read, go to my Goodreads account. Just click the icons below for either page:


Our Time Together






Two Hours


Three Hours


Four Hours


Six Hours




Full Day (24 Hours)


*Travel & multi-day bookings available upon request


*Please add $200 for couples



My rates are structured in preference of longer encounters with a 2 hour time minimum; I enjoy getting to know one another over dinner, a trip to the museum, or other cultural outing. I truly enjoy getting to know the people I choose to spend my time with, and I find that having a 2 hour minimum is conducive to that preference.


I’m just as comfortable enjoying a Broadway show & eating at a Michelin starred restaurant as I am exploring out of the way dive bars & hole in the wall culinary finds. If you need ideas of where to take me, please take a look at my NYC Wishlist for places & activities I’ve been wanting to try out.

I am happy to host from my own location on the Upper East Side when I am in New York, or I can come to your upscale hotel or private residence, although visits to private residences may require additional screening. When we meet, please have the donation ready in an envelope; having to ask spoils the mood, which I hate. If we are in public, please place my donation in a book or greeting card. For travel and multi-day bookings, please email me directly to inquire.


Say you’re enchanted by my online presence but can’t make it to New York. Or perhaps we’ve met in person and you think I’d make an excellent companion for your next vacation or business trip. Lucky for you, I am available for Travel & Fly Me to You dates. Read below for the scoop on those:


For all travel engagements, I require a 25% deposit in order to secure my time, as well as a 4 hour minimum booking length. For travel dates lasting a day or less, my donation consists of my regular rate plus airfare & travel costs. If you would like me to accompany you on a longer trip, please email me directly so I can provide you with a custom quote. I will book my own airfare for Travel & Fly Me to You dates. Additionally, I do ask that you give me a few hours a day to myself on longer bookings so the introvert in me can rest & recharge 🙂

Cancellation Policy & Deposits: It is at my discretion to request a deposit before we meet. If I am touring, deposits are a necessity in order to secure an appointment. Moreover, when touring, I do institute a cancellation policy. If you cancel within less than 72 hours notice while I am on tour the deposit is non-refundable. In order to rebook after a touring cancellation, I request a 50% deposit before meeting. 


 In order to schedule an appointment, please refer to the booking form below or feel free to email me directly at You will ingratiate yourself to me if you send an email or booking form with a proper introduction, required screening information, and good grammar. 

Please note, I am the only one who will see this information. I do not utilize an assistant and discretion is of the utmost importance to me. If you do not have provider references, please fill out the Employment Information tab.

In order to verify employment information, I may ask you to send me a blank email from your work address. I have a discrete, unpublished email address for this purpose. If you have references, employment verification is not necessary. If you are unable to provide screening information, I will not be able to see you.

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