I’m honored to count these amazing ladies as my friends! And one of the reasons I love spending time with them is that they have lots of nice things to say about me, and in my word, flattery gets you far wink. Take a look below to read some of the nice things they’ve said about me (I’m blushing): 

Carmen Amar

Coming soon!!

Chelsea Harper

“In the chaos of New York, spending time with Andi is really refreshing. Authentic, witty, charming, and beautiful — she’s someone I’m so glad to have met & know you’ll adore!” 

Renee Trevi


“I enjoy playing with Andi; she has a very sweet submissive energy, it felt perfectly harmonious to my dominant style. Andi is beautiful, sensual and very deliciously feminine, our play is a pure joy! 
I’m happy to meet people like her who are so raw, authentic and simply fabulous in their expressions!” 

Marla Lyons

“Andi has a light and playful energy that is immediately evident when first you meet. Her ferocity for life is infectious, and I always find myself inching nearer towards her whenever we are together.”

Ivy Rose


“Every moment I spend with Andi is singular. The way her warmth and sensuality radiate is an entirely desireable addiction, one I always adore indulging.” 

Cayce Marlow


Coming Soon 🙂